Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of Good Stuff Going On!

Ok so my last full day of work was on Friday......YAY! so there are lots and lots of plans being made around here. I had alot planned for this week and little by little am getting it done. Today I spent the day with my mom and we went over curriculum for my daughter that she has been homeschooling. My youngest son and my youngest daughter will be home with me for now and my oldest son and daughter will be starting homeschool in September.
This week since my other two have off from school I decided to make it a week vacation with lots of work planned and field trips to parks and museums and libraries..... I love it!

On knitting related news.... I have not purchased yarn since November (for myself...I did for swaps thinking that didn't cound against my yarn diet but...well, that was cheating and that's that) Anyway I have been really good until this Friday and Monday. On Friday I went to Stix-n-Stitches just to pick up a book and saw sale yarn.....good sale yarn. So I spent about $50 on good sale yarn. I will be posting pics soon.
This week end I showed my sweater in progress to my hubby and he suggested that he thought it would look nice a little longer (my impatience has caused me to knit short sweaters for myself and others...he is so tactful, I love him for bringing me back to reality) I then told him that I didn't have enough yarn to make it longer ..I mean I had exact yardage. So he said words that I never thought would come out of his mouth...."Don't worry, just get some more" So I headed down to AC moore to pick up 2 more skeins of cotton ease in Stone and lo and behold what did I see?
Sugar-n-Cream was on sale for 99 cents. So I purchased some to make seat covers, rugs and place mats for my kitchen and dinning room. So there went another $50. That was exactly the amount I was going to allow myself for my birthday in June.....I almost made it to my close and yet so far!
Well I told my husband what I did because we have agreed on full disclosure on all spending and I said that I was going to return it (I clearly wasn't thinking clearly with all those project ideas and yarn on sale distracting me) He was really good about it and told me to keep it but in the future stick to buying what I had on the list only.
I so don't deserve him. If the circumstances were reversed I don't think that I would have been half so gracious. I have alot to learn.....Ain't no man going to be more gracious than me...I've got to start working on that ASAP!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

On the Road Back to Where I Belong

I have truly been blessed! I am not totally caught up with my bills but I am getting really close to paying off my debt and living on a cash basis (no credit for me, thank you). My last full day of work will be Friday April 18th. (Can I get an Amen?) I will still be working somewhat mostly from home so that I will be able to have a little income for the family (Can I get an AMen?) I'll be able to get my home to rights. (AMEn) And the best thing of all I will be able to start homeschooling again in September (AMEN!!!)
The days are full of promise! It's been very hard these past few months and I must say it was really in a fog for what seemed like a long time. I must admit that I was loosing faith. How stupid of me to ever doubt my Lord and Saviour. He loves me and I just needed to wait for Him to work his miracles in my life. Me being so impatient almost missed the blessing.
Until next time my friends, I now go to do some curriculum research.