Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some Things About Me

I have been reading some of my favorite blogs and I came to the realization that there are some things about myself that I would like to share.
My darling step-daughter is an artist! She has always been a sketcher and a dreamer. Well, my mom has arranged to have her take art lessons from an artist friend whose work has been sold around the world.
I was a little concerned about this out come because of finances and the lack of dedication many children show when presented with these kind of opportunities. However, it's been a blessing to see my daughter come home after an art class and display her work proudly to us. She has produced many wonderful and beautiful things above and beyond what the teacher has assigned. She had been lacksidaisical (sp?) about it at first always claiming that she didn't have the time but once we set a time every day to work on the techniques taught to her she has surely blossomed. That girl is very much like a little child in a 13 yr old body (by little I mean 5 yr old) in that she is very forgetful and her though process is not what you would expect from someone her age. I sorely want to see her happy and successful as an adult and I think we've found something she really enjoys and is really really good at. Of course the las thing I want is to limit her to any pre determined vocation (this is a problem that many times produces unhappy, unproductive, rebelious kids, right?) however I think that the qualities most needed in any occupation is attention to detail, determination, and pride in work done well)
Alright so maybe the above narrative is not about myself but we all are proud when someone we love and have worried over is doing well, aren't we?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wow, It's, like, March and stuff....

You must imaging this post with a sufer dude accent...if you please.
So, like anyway, I blinked and all of a sudden it's like March, and not just March but like almost April, dude. Like so much has happened in that time I totally forgot about my blog... Sorry dudes and dudettes.
Back to normal now.
April 18th will be my official last day as a full time employee..........(can I get a whoop-whoop?) At that point I will be working one day a week @ the office and I will be doing little things here and there at home.....yeah!!!
I am sooooooooo excited there is so much to plan and do!
My Goals are as follows(by the way don't you just love goals?)

#1 I will be using the month of May to put my home in order again (routines and cleanlinesswise)
#2 I will plant a small garden for tomatoes and herbs ( to start off with)
#3 I will make it to ladies prayer meeting every Wed morning ( I so miss this!)
#4 I will start planning next school year so that I can officially start homeschooling again
#5 I will keep an account book for any and all money I spend and share it with my husband on a regular basis in order for us to reach our financial goals.
#6 I will work on forming a habit of looking for real bargains when shopping and making things from scratch as often as possible.......

The goals are basically to simplify and strenthen our home base.
Thank You Lord for listening to my prayers. Please let me use this opportunity to do Your will with this family You have entrusted me with!