Thursday, July 8, 2010

Highs and Lows

It just occurred to me that maybe I should have a name for my year long knitting project.
Hereby am trying to tag my ravelry projects accordingly but I have no official identifier. I can't just go around calling it "my yearlong knit patterns only from my magazine collection and only from my stash adventure" it just doesn't roll off the tongue that well, you know?
So I was thinking of
"the rediscovery project" since I am rediscovering patterns that I once loved and yarn that I always wanted to knit with all at my fingertips in my stash. The best way to be happy is to be content with what u have right?
Mods on the Whisper Cardigan
I used 3 different yarns that were already in my stash. Believe me there was some serious temptation to buy more of the ultra alpaca when I ran out. But I held myself back.
Begin Side Note:
After all it's compulsive buying of yarn and other things that I didn't really need that landed menin serious debt to begin with. I've already paid off 2 credit cards of which j am very proud of and I am not about to mess that up!
End Side Note.
So like I mentioned above I used 3 different kinds of yarn all in the red/black family. The last yarn was a no name red/ black sock yarn that left my fingers red after knitting with it and bled like a stuck pig when blocking. I didn't mind too much though since the ultra alpaca was already reddish and the jawoll is black so no harm no foul. I do have some left over which I was thinking if making a skinny scarf for but after seeing how red my fingers got by jut knitting it I am going to have to rethink that thought. The last thing I want is to end up with some scary looking red line across ny neck and throat. Not attractive.
The other mod I made was to pick pick up fewer stitches for the ribbing. I wanted a snugged fit and that is just what I got. All in all I am very pleased with the results!
Sad, sad, news.
Yesterday I got ready to where my whisper cardigan for the first time. I was in Atlantic City with my husband on a very impromptu trip where we were trying to re-kindle our romance. I packed the cardi cause in the restaurants it's just stupid cold. Somewhere between the hotel lobby and the parking lot.....I LOST THE SWEATER! Talk about sad. It fit so perfectly and I didn't even get any pics of it while I was wearing it. I do have pics of it blocked as you can see here:

A sad iphone pic. I am hoping that eventually the Borgata Hotel and Casino will call me up and tell me someone found it. In the meantime I will be e-mailing and calling as often as possible. If I never get to see it again, I pray that someone out there is actually using it. I put over a month's worth of work into it and fell in love with the fit and color. Something that is hard to say about any other project I've made.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting creative

The following are two posts in one. I had one prepared but never posted it. So, I decided to combine the two.

Ok so I am still working on the whisper cardigan. I really thought I would be done by now and here it is a month and still not done yet. Well not exactly a month but three days shy of it anyway. I am finally on the skirt part of the cardigan. I finished the ribbing and founf that I did not have e nough of the black to complete the skirt. So now k have introduced a third yarn into the mix. A no name variegated red and black yarn. It's gonna be funky but I am ok with funk. I said I wouldn't buy anymore and I am determined to stick to it.

Holy unending project, Batman! When the heck is this cardi going to be done???? I bound off the skirt last night and it seems too short yet I don't want to undo the bind off and knit down. Although... That is probably what I am going to end up doing anyway. I like the thought of the cardigan and if I am going to do something I might as well do it right. Today I missed my bus so I took the later bus being all grateful that it was an express but then my train is late. Yikes! Not a good start to the day since I wanted to leave early.
When I get home I will be working on lengthening the skirt and hopefully put this project to rest. I post some pics tomorrow with the announcement of my next project!