Monday, December 29, 2008

Long Time Between Posts

Well, well, well. Its been a long time between posts. Things have been very busy and much has changed!
I'll start with the work situation.
I am now a full time homemaker. I am very happy about this. It's where I feel I am most needed and most useful. Of course this means lots of cutbacks but it's been worth it.
Cut backs have included going from 2 cars to 1. (1/2 the insurance, gas and maintenance)
Making more things from scratch.
Eating more veggies and grains and less proteins and prepackaged foods.
(this last one hasn't made much of a difference because the cost of food has really gone up the last couple of months)

Next is the knitting.
Knitscene purchased another pattern for the Winter/Spring issue. I don't know yet if they will publish it until the issue comes out. It's not my best work there were alot of factors that contributed to that. Mostly time. I've definately learned much that will help me out for the next time. Such as writing the pattern before I get the yarn. In the past I would wait for the yarn and design from there since I wanted to get the feel of the yarn first.
I do hope this design makes it into the magazine. I'm on pins and needles until I find out.

Next is the kids.
I am homeschooling full time..YAY!!!!!! It has been an uphill treck but a wonderful one. I think I am learning more than the kids.

Pictures of projects to follow soon.