Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mid Febuary Check In

I was looking at my goals and I must say I have not kept two out of the three financial goals I set for myself so far. I haven't done too bad but I've done bad just the same.
This entire week I've been eating out for breakfast and lunch at work which has cost me quite a bit of cash. And I have not done my tithes and offerings. This is a classic example of setting goals but not setting up a plan to meet these goals.
Knitting has been just ok. Nothing major has been done.....the little guy in my life has been sick for almost a week now and I haven't been able to stay with him at home (thank goodness for my mom!) because we are short at work. When I am home I have no creative energy left for knitting. Vegging out on the couch or reading a story to the kids is just about all I have energy for. Then I find myself waking up at 3 or 4 inthe morning and not being able to go back to sleep until a few hours later....hence this post at 5:30 am.
I gave my notice at work that I will be leaving but that won't take into effect for anther few months. I figured that giving my boss a heads up in advance would make finding a replacement easier. I would still like to work there but the hours are too long and the environment is not the best. Most of all I miss being home with all my heart!!!!
The one thing that would make coming home for me possible is re-financing our home to include our big bills. By doing this we'll be able to free up alot of cash to help pay my credit cards off sooner. Once that is done I'll be able to take my kids out of school and start homeschooling again.
One thing is for sure I am not going to allow one week of not meeting my goals to discourage me and keep me from trying. Well I am finally getting sleepy again. Until next time my bloggy friends!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fabulous February

My goals for January were a bust. Well, not a total bust because I did make some headway on them. For February my financial goals are as follows:

#1 Lunch from home......I will give myself a $5 budget FOR THE WHOLE WEEK for little things like gum or an occasional soda. Otherwise my lunch will be brought from home and whether or not I like the left overs I am going to eat them. So much food wasted it's disgusting!

#2 My stashalong goals were fulfilled in that I did not spend one penny on yarn I did however purchase a $5 knitting book on clearence which I regret because it was quite crappy. It's almost like I needed a fix or something. But as far as needles and yarn are concerned I held out. Each time I felt the urge I went ahead and spent some time with my stash and plugged away at my current projects. My goals for February are the same except that I do need a set of good wooden double pointed needles. I split my #2's. Any suggestions on some hard needles that hold up to much abuse?

#3 Use my paycheck after paying my tithes, offerings, gas and groceries entirely to payoff credit cards.

Now for my knitting goals.....

#1 Finish my husband's socks for Valentine's day.

#2 Finish the Master Knitter program and send it out b4 the 20th

#3 Start the hourglass sweater in cotton ease

Spiritual Goals.....

#1 Read my Bible every morning

#2 Study what the Bible has to say about marriage and family

#3 Be faithful to my tithes and offerings

These goals are relatively simple but the way my life is right now I must keep them so in order to be able to simplify it more.

Until next time my bloggy friends.....