Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First magazine to review

Interweave Knits Spring 2009

Ok, so why in the world am I starting with a mag so recent? I am just in love with the Whisper cardigan pattern! I have seen it made from sock yarn and ultra alpaca fine which happen to be two yarns that I already own.

The whole issue has some beautiful patterns. There are very few magazines that I own where I like more than one thing. Usually I purchase a mag for just one pattern, one article or just plain old inspiration.

I like the sweet tee also. Hmm I might just park it on this issue for a while... Now what kind of yarn does that call for?

The petal halter and posy slip are two more that I have been eyeballing. I can't wait to get access to my yarn in order to start "shopping" for my new projects. It's so nice to get excited about what I already have.

Betty's lacy stockings
is also a pattern that I would like to try. So that makes it a total of 5 patterns that really catch my eye. Do I have the yarn for these? Do I have the inclination to knit all of them? What kind of order am I putting to this whole knit your way through your mags project? Do I have the time? What's reasonable?

There is plenty of time to answer all those questions later. Today I have decided to work on the Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. I am making it in a gorgeous shade of red Ultra Alpaca Fine by Berroco and a perfect deep black sock yarn by Lang called Jawoll. I plan to make the shrug part of the cardigan in red and the ribbing and skirt sections in black. Can't wait to see the results!!! I've already swatched and blocked and washed. I am happy to say I got gauge and I am ready to start full speed ahead! Well, off to cast on. I will post pics of my progress tomorrow. Until tomorrow spidey friends, same bat channel same bat time!!!

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