Sunday, June 13, 2010

Whisper Cardigan Day 13

I was really hoping to have it done by now. I really have a high opinion of my knitting speed, don't I? I start a new job on Thursday and was kind of hoping to wear it. Oh well. I must keep plugging along. It is a pretty straight forward knit so far. I finished knitting the right sleeve and am half way through the back. I am a little past the back gathering. I like this pattern. It's easy to read.....well the part about what needles to change to could be a little more clear. For example instead of saying "change to largest, longest circular needle" it should read "change to Size 4 24"circs". It's shorter and much more specific!

I am tempted to make the gathering in the black yarn but after careful consideration I don't know how I feel about a black stripe going down the back. I could always duplicate stitch it in later on if I change my mind.
Please ignore the awful flooring in the picture. My "new" apartment has nasty flooring and a grimy dropped ceiling. The nice thing is that in July there will be a renovation of the apartment. New floors and the ceiling will be sheet rocked. Of course that means I will be somewhat displaced for at least a month but it will be worth it. My momma and daddy are going to let me stay upstairs with them. They are the greatest parents ever. I am so blessed that they are helping me out through this trying time in my life.

I want to share my new obsession with you. Ready????

Get Out of Debt!!!!!!

I had an epiphany when I went to Georgia back on Mother's day weekend. I was walking around early one gorgeously warm morning in Fort Gordon when I started thinking about money. I was and still am pretty scarred about being on my own with my kids to support but I have come to a point where I get to do things right. This is like a second chance to clean up my act and become a more responsible momma and woman. I have a bit of debt and not so much of an income but it's do-able. I want to do things God's way. I mean lets face it....I spent that money. I should be paying it back.

I am going to follow the Dave Ramsey plan and do those baby steps he talks about. I've also been listening to pod casts about personal finance and I've especially enjoyed one called "Rebound". It's a husband and wife talking about their personal journey through foreclosure and getting out of debt.

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